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A handy and easy to use utility that provides you with the means to quickly get ahold of media files from one of the most popular entertainment websites

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Listening to your preferred music and watching your favorite movies using specialized online services is not something new, since many dedicated websites offer a great variety of content for registered of occasional users.

Easily handle multiple downloads

In case you want to keep some of the songs or videos for offline viewing, then a specialized application is required if the online service doesn't already provide a means of saving the clips. On the long list of such dedicated utilities, you will find Trilulilu Downloader.

It is a very easy to use tool that comes with a neatly organized interface, so less experienced users should encounter no difficulties in operating the software. The program supports several simultaneous downloads and displays a lot of useful information about the currently running processes.

Offers great details on the process

With Trilulilu Downloader you can set the number of segments per download for each entry on the list. The running tasks can be paused and you can monitor the progress of the operations thanks to the details displayed on the lower part of the main window.

The application shows you the total size of the selected file, the amount of data transferred onto your hard disk as well as the remaining bytes and the download speed. If you need even more information, you find it available in the 'Log' tab of Trilulilu Downloader.

Cleverly schedule download sessions

The configuration menu of the utility provides you with everything you need to set connection preferences, segment size and number, speed limits and much more.

The 'Auto-Download' feature of Trilulilu Downloader can be customized in detail. Thus, you are able to choose the weekdays (weekend included) and hours for this function to be active, not to mention the speed which can be limited or set to maximum level.

In conclusion

To sum it up, you might want to hang on to this helpful utility if you frequently visit the mentioned service. Thanks to a decent feature pack and especially since it is so easy to use, Trilulilu Downloader is surely one of the best utilities in its category.

Trilulilu Downloader was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on July 10th, 2014
Trilulilu Downloader - Trilulilu Downloader will provide users with an easy to use application that allows you to download music or clips from trilulilu with high speedTrilulilu Downloader - The New Download window will offer a list of options like URL, File Name, Save To or SegmentsTrilulilu Downloader - Users will be able to access options such as Remove Completed or Copy URL to Clipboard within the Edit menuTrilulilu Downloader - screenshot #4Trilulilu Downloader - screenshot #5

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