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A small application that can download videos directly to your computer.

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Veoh Downloader is a very simple and lightweight application designed to grab Veoh videos and save them locally in order to enjoy them in offline mode.

Veoh is one of the few online services that offers a very rich selection of network television content, including full TV show episodes (only in the USA) and movies. The company went the extra mile and released a software application that facilitates the playback of Veoh videos from the comfort of the desktop.

The application can also be used to download Veoh content, as well as videos from other online services. While this is a great choice for Veoh fans, users who aim only to download videos may not be that interested in a player too.

This is true especially when a lighter application, which can achieve only the downloading part, enters the equation. With a very suggestive name, Veoh Downloader is extremely lightweight, portable and easy to use.

Veoh Downloader sports a simple and minimalistic interface, with just two fields, one for the link to the video you wish to download and one for selecting the output folder. Once you’ve accomplished these two requirements, you may press the ‘Download’ button and wait for the video to be saved locally.

On the upside, the application works in every country of the world, regardless of your IP (this is because Veoh does not impose such limitations). Subsequently, the quality of the output videos remains unchanged.

To sum it all up, Veoh Downloader is a very basic, yet highly efficient application that can grab Veoh videos at decent speed. It’s aimed at all user categories, considering the level of simplicity it sports. However, a more attractive interface and a more generous set of features could increase its popularity.

Veoh Downloader was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on February 1st, 2015
Veoh Downloader - The main window of Veoh Downloader allows users to easily input the URL address where the video is located and download it to a specified location.

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