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Speedy download manager with support for scheduled tasks, Clipboard monitoring, browser integration, YouTube grabber, media converter, and more

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Based on Java, Xtreme Download Manager is designed to be a simple to use application that can help you download various file types faster than using your web browser. It utilizes dynamic segmentation algorithms and data compression, featuring support for HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols, which make it usable under all kinds of Internet providers.

Speedy and modern download manager

It's wrapped in a modern and clear-cut interface that has all options neatly organized. Browsing monitoring is enabled by default, so any downloadable file is automatically identified by the program when copying its link in your web browser.

When adding a new download, you can specify the file name and saving folder, and enter the username and password (if required). The task can be started immediately or postponed. There's also a batch downloading mode available for selecting multiple files at once to fetch.

Categorize files and manage tasks

The program auto-identifies the file content and sorts the items in their appropriate category, such as documents, compressed, music, videos, and applications. Finished and unfinished downloads are placed in two categories, so you can access the file folders, pause the download, restart it, or refresh the link if needed.

When dealing with an overnight download, you can set the download manager to execute custom-defined commands, hung up the modem, or shut down the computer. More importantly, it's possible to connect your antivirus solution to autoscan downloaded files.

Grab videos and convert media files

The program comes bundled with other useful tools. For instance, you can download YouTube clips, set passwords for private downloads, force URL assemblies, limit the downloading speed, integrate the tool with your browser, or convert media files to other formats.

As far as program options are concerned, you can display a dropbox for quickly downloading items you drop into it, monitor the Clipboard for URLs, auto-rename or overwrite existing files, set the connection timeout and number of segments per download, manage the list with file types to automatically get, as well as set up a scheduler for starting and stopping queue processing, even when you're not attending the computer.


To wrap it up, Xtreme Download Manager is a handy tool for speeding up downloading jobs. It's light on system resources consumption and contains rich features.

Xtreme Download Manager was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on September 18th, 2015
Xtreme Download Manager - Users can open or save grabbed files, as well as pause, resume or restart ongoing downloadsXtreme Download Manager - Shortcuts for various features like batch mode, enable YouTube download or add from clipboard are shown in the File menuXtreme Download Manager - The Downloads menu can be accessed in order to pause, resume or restart ongoing processesXtreme Download Manager - Users can access the Tools menu to refresh a link and toggle force assemble or speed limiter featuresXtreme Download Manager - Various information like download progress dialog and drop box can be toggled from the General tabXtreme Download Manager - Users can set the number of segments per download or the connection timeout in seconds from the Connection tabXtreme Download Manager - Users can choose to shutdown the computer after download completes or scan files with an antivirusXtreme Download Manager - Sites login can be added in order to automatically access the website when the user enters the addressXtreme Download Manager - Users can access the File Types tab to add more formats to be automatically downloadedXtreme Download Manager - Download queues can be scheduled by setting the start and stop dates or timesXtreme Download Manager - Users can add the download link and save it, as well as grab it later or mark it as hidden

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