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A lightweight and simple to use application that enables you to quickly download content from YouTube as MP3 files, to your computer

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YTM Converter is a reliable YouTube content download manager that enables you to extract media content from the hosting website, then save it to your computer, as MP3. The process is simple and requires a few mouse clicks.

Lightweight application for YouTube downloads

YTM Converter allows you to download media content from YouTube, then extract the audio stream and save it to your computer as MP3. The software is capable of preserving the input audio quality and parameters of the file, when saving it onto your computer.

The software requires that you enter a valid URL from YouTube, corresponding to the video you wish to download. You need to paste the address in the designated field, then click Convert. The software can operate the conversion automatically and in a short time, before saving the file. You may select the desired destination folder when the Save As window pops up.

User-friendly interface and quick downloads

The software can perform a quick check of the YouTube URL, in order to verify its validity. Therefore, if the link is proper, it displays a thumbnail of the associated video, the title and the user responses to the YouTube post: the number of likes and dislikes. The statistics are purely informative and are not included in the output file’s metadata.

Moreover, you can view the progress of the download in the Status Of Conversion section, near the video thumbnail. Thus, when the software has finished processing the request, a download window pops up, offering you the choice of opening the file or saving it to the selected location on your computer.

Quick and reliable YouTube music downloader

The high download speed, ease of use and clear-cut interface make YTM Converter a convenient software. It can automatically operate the conversion to MP3, thus speeding up the download process. Moreover, it can maintain the input audio bit rate, in order to offer you the same sound experience on your computer as on YouTube.

YTM Converter was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 4th, 2014
YTM Converter - YTM Converter is a simple to use application that enables you to download content from YouTube in MP3 format.