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Download small Yahoo! maps (PNG file format) and combine them into a single BMP image, preview the maps, and convert degrees, minutes and seconds to degrees

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Yahoo Normal Maps Downloader is a lightweight Windows application specialized in downloading small Yahoo! maps on the disk and combining multiple images into a big map.

Simple design

You are welcomed by a clean and intuitive interface that allows you to set up the downloading parameters right in the main window. A log panel shows information about the entire process and possible errors.

In case you do not understand how to tweak the dedicated parameters, you can have a look at the help manual.

Map downloading options

You are allowed to set up a new downloading task by specifying the name and providing information about the left and right longitude, as well as top and bottom latitude.

What’s more, you can specify the zoom level and pick the directory where the small maps are saved. Tests have shown that Yahoo Normal Maps Downloader carries out the downloading process very quickly because it supports multi-threading.

Other important options worth being mentioned enable you to stop the downloading process anytime and view the total number of grabbed images.

When it comes to configuration settings, you can specify the default saving directory, open the log file (which is saved to plain text file format), and tweak proxy parameters. By default, the small maps are exported to PNG file format.

Extra tools included in the package

Yahoo Normal Maps Downloader offers support for several additional utilities which are implemented for helping you convert degrees, minutes and seconds to degrees (the result can be copied to the clipboard) and re-download failed photos.

Furthermore, you can preview the downloaded pictures using the integrated viewer, enable the full screen mode, and get an overview of the entire picture in a special panel. Last but not least, you can combine all downloaded maps into a single BMP image.


All things considered, Yahoo Normal Maps Downloader comes packed with handy features for helping you grab small Yahoo! maps and combine them into a BMP file, and can be mastered by beginners and professionals alike.

Yahoo Normal Maps Downloader was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on June 3rd, 2015
Yahoo Normal Maps Downloader - In the main window of Yahoo Normal Maps Downloader, you can insert the exact coordinates of the map you want to saveYahoo Normal Maps Downloader - By accessing the options in the Misc menu, you can turn degrees, minutes and seconds into degrees, or you can view a log file of your actionsYahoo Normal Maps Downloader - From the Tools menu, you have the option to access the Map Viewer and the Map Combiner windowsYahoo Normal Maps Downloader - screenshot #4Yahoo Normal Maps Downloader - screenshot #5Yahoo Normal Maps Downloader - screenshot #6