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A simple to use P2P application for your personal computer that provide you with access to a vast database of files that can be quickly downloaded and shared

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easyMule is a comprehensive and fast file sharing application that can be used for sending and downloading digital resources with other users in the same network. Its main purpose is to offer you an intuitive platform for connecting to a distributed peer-to-peer network for file exchanging purposes.

The application is a simplified version of eMule that aims to improve the transfer speed and make file sharing much easier due to a reduced set of configuration options. With the help of this application, you get instant access to all types of files, from multimedia content to patches and software.

easyMule features an intuitive interface that can be used for performing searches, managing downloads and handling shared files. Furthermore, the built-in web browser enables you to navigate to any website and find resources online.

One of the main advantages of this application is that it enables the user to search for new files while the download process is running. Therefore, you don’t have to wait for a file to be saved on your computer in order to find other interesting programs or files.

Users can easily manage on-going downloads, set higher priorities for important files, sort, remove and create new tasks. Download and upload limits can be set in order to prevent excessive bandwidth usage.

Optionally, you can configure easyMule to integrate into the context menu of Internet Explorer and monitor the accessed links for download. In order to prevent malware from entering your system, the application can automatically send saved files to the default antivirus program for a deep or a brief scan.

easyMule is designed to facilitate file interchange and offer you access to a wide range of resources. Multipoint transferring and bandwidth limitation, together with ease of use make it a viable, worth-having P2P sharing tool.

easyMule was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on January 22nd, 2014
easyMule - easyMule features a web browser that you can use to navigate to any webpage.easyMule - For every download task, you can set the priority, as well as start and stop it anytime you want.easyMule - You will be able to share files from your computer and view a list of the incoming files from this window.easyMule - screenshot #4easyMule - screenshot #5easyMule - screenshot #6easyMule - screenshot #7easyMule - screenshot #8