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Stop over 99% of Outlook spam without missing important mail. Bayesian filter
InBoxer - InBoxer will help you quickly and easily block over 99% of your spam and junk email with powerful tools
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With InBoxer you will be able to block over 99% of your spam and junk email. Yet, it makes sure that you don't miss the mail you need to see. How? Unlike most anti-spam products, InBoxer builds unique filters that based on your mail folders. Uses Bayesian and other advanced language analysis techniques to filter the email.

The user may also define trusted senders and companies. As each new message arrives, InBoxer decides whether to block it. Questionable messages are placed in a review folder and never automatically deleted. One button click corrects mistakes.

InBoxer learns by example and usually will not make the same mistake again. It becomes smart enough to allow a newsletter about your favorite hobby, even if others might consider the message to be spam. It can even learn the difference between an intimate note from your spouse and offensive mail from a bulk mailer.

InBoxer's design makes it harder for spammers to beat. Each person develops different filters, therefore it is impossible to design one message to get around all of them.

New types of spam that beat traditional filters usually don't beat InBoxer. InBoxer is automatically updated every time a new message is blocked. Therefore, it does not require a centralized update or subscription to remain accurate. Easy to install. Fully integrated into Outlook.

InBoxer comes from Audiotrieve, a company founded by veterans of the language technology industry. Our expertise in creating easy-to-use products based on sophisticated language technologies enable us to build this new kind of spam filter.

Main features:

  • Effective and Accurate:
  • Independent studies show that InBoxer removes up to 96.5% to 98% of all spam. with very few mistakes. The false-positive rate (a measure of accuracy) was an outstanding 0.4% to 0.7%. (Studies by Spamotomy and Personal Computer World.)
  • Personal:
  • Your interests should never be marked as spam, no matter what other people may think. InBoxer creates a unique definition of spam for you based on your email folders.
  • Never Deletes a New Message:
  • InBoxer places spam in its own folder and it will never delete an incoming message. Suspicious messages, which are probably spam but should be checked, are placed in a separate folder for rapid review. Our two-stage filtering process saves you valuable time because you have fewer messages to check.
  • Learns By Example:
  • Correct mistakes by clicking one button. InBoxer usually will not make the same mistake again.
  • Up-to-date:
  • No need for a subscription service. InBoxer continually learns by your actions and does not require filter updates.
  • BlackBerry and HandHeld Support:
  • Keep spam away from your BlackBerry, wireless devices, and remote POP3 accounts, including dial-in accounts. The optional premium plug-ins use the power of InBoxer and Microsoft Outlook to filter spam out of your remote Inbox.
  • MailTones:
  • Similar to ring tones, which are widely popular for identifying incoming cell phone calls, Mailtones allow users to set a distinctive ring tone based on the sender, subject, or any text in the message. Not only can one use a different ring for family and work senders, one can also receive special alert messages based on words used anywhere in the header or body of the mail message. Users may select the built-in tones or use any .WAV file.
  • Easy to Install:
  • The one-click Express Setup Wizard automatically checks your system, builds your filters and installs InBoxer. InBoxer starts filtering in minutes. No antispam product is easier to install.
  • Easy-to-Use:
  • InBoxer integrates into Microsoft Outlook, so you do not need to learn a new program. InBoxer adds a toolbar in Outlook for easy access to all functions.
  • Corporate Filters:
  • Reduces spam in PCs already protected by corporate anti-spam filters. Adds personalized
  • protection that corporate filters cannot match.
  • Harder for Spammers to Beat:
  • Outsmarts new attacks because InBoxer defines both “good” and “junk” messages.
  • Spammers cannot beat InBoxer by bypassing the spam filters, the message must
  • also look like the good messages you keep.
  • Trust and Distrust:
  • Never worry about missing critical messages from people or companies you know. One button click allows you to identify friends and colleagues that should never be blocked.

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August 23rd, 2010, 13:26 GMT
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Audiotrieve, LLC
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Windows All
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7 Screenshots
InBoxer - The Control Panel window will provide users with Create / Apply Filters options and administrationInBoxer - Users will be able to anaylze every email and get the Unwanted mail score in order to check whether is it spam or notInBoxerInBoxerInBoxerInBoxer
What's New in This Release:
  • Support for Windows Vista
  • Support for Outlook 2007 / Office 2007
  • The Email RingTones module now remembers rules and tones more reliably
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