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After the danger on the web caused by Virus and Hackers, another type of annoying invasion called the spam phenomenon is actually increasing at a great rate.

Due to this complex problem and above all the high number of e-mails clogging mail boxes, frequently there seems to be no efficient solution to stop this problem.

Many anti-spam software products on the market today, even though they may drastically reduce spam, sometimes identify as spam normal e-mails and create the risk of loosing real messages.

We believe that the possibility of loosing real e-mails is worst than spam and therefore we cannot think of placing on the market a software product that may identify as spam a real e-mail.

For this reason, we at ProSoftware have developed Pro Spam Remove, a new Antispam software product that uses propriety techniques and recently studied algorithms elaborated by analyzing many samples of spam existing today.

Our tests on Pro Spam Remove application result in a drastic reduction of spam of around 70-80% without any e-mails being lost.

In the unlikely case that the software product does detect a real e-mail as spam, all e-mails and spam are saved in two folders in .eml format, which is compatible with outlook and the e-mail can be displayed at all times.

The difference of this product compared to other similar software, Pro Spam Remove does not need any mail client installed (even though its default settings function in an optimal way with Outlook Express)

Here are some key features of "Pro Spam Remove":

■ Re-established graphical interface.
■ Algorithm to detect new spam conceptions.
■ Maximum ease of use.
■ Complete invisible operation for the user.
■ Optimum compatibility with all windows personal computers.
■ High efficiency (removes at least 70% of spam).
■ Free and integrated Live Update (no subscription).
■ No e-mails lost, thanks to the history e-mail archive.
■ Flexible pricing based on specific needs.
■ Automatic detection of the predefined account.
■ Filters can be customized by the user.


■ 30 day trial
Last updated on May 30th, 2007
Pro Spam RemovePro Spam RemovePro Spam Remove

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