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Protect your mail server with this spam filter gateway that integrates with a centralized spam database for improved and up-to-date protection

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Spam is one of those unintended negative side effects produced by technological progress with which everyone has to deal on a daily basis. Fortunately, most mail servers employ complex and advanced protection algorithms to filter relevant messages from the millions of mails received.

Protect mail servers from spam with this powerful application

SpamFilter for ISP is just one such tool that helps SMTP servers handle spam in an efficient way. The program is tailor-made for ISPs, enterprises and similar large-scale operations and is, therefore, not intended for end-users. In essence, the software creates a spam filter gateway, which prevents most unsolicited mail from reaching casual users.

The application features a somewhat complex and multi-tiered interface, based on multiple tabs. As with most programs that monitor network activity, most of the GUI objects deal either with reports and statistical information, or with the actual settings involved in running the application. Although the “Settings” tab is comprehensive and requires a significant amount of users' attention and time, once the software is configured, the program runs smoothly and unobtrusively.

Employ different multiple filters to keep spam away

SpamFilter for ISP's strength lies in its filters. There are multiple such tools employed by the program, including a "Spam Filter Database", as well as a "Spam Filter Distributed Content Database". These complementary components analyze emails and create unique hashes that constitute the basis for a real-time, constantly updated database.

The spam gateway also scans attachments, including images embedded in PDF documents, and a memory function allows DNS-based block lists to be created. Bayesian statistical analysis is also employed to fine-tune results and ensure most spam messages are captured.

The software acts as barrier for spam, effectively isolating unsolicited mails from end-users

All things considered, SpamFilter for ISP is a great solution for SMTP servers faced with millions of spam messages every day.

SpamFilter for ISP was reviewed by Mircea Saveanu
Last updated on September 19th, 2015
SpamFilter for ISP - The main window will display an informative activity log, once the program is set upSpamFilter for ISP - SpamFilter for ISP monitors all connections made to the SMTP server, complete with timestampsSpamFilter for ISP - There are multiple methods of filtering records, including by the country of originSpamFilter for ISP - screenshot #4SpamFilter for ISP - screenshot #5SpamFilter for ISP - screenshot #6SpamFilter for ISP - screenshot #7SpamFilter for ISP - screenshot #8

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