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A user-friendly and reliable software solution that comes in handy to all those who want to send and receive emails, then manage them with ease

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Email is probably the cheapest method of communication, especially if the sender and recipient are located in different countries or even continents.

There are numerous software solutions that facilitate the process of sending and receiving electronic mail, and FossaMail is one of them.

Open-source e-mail client with an intuitive look

This utility was inspired by the largely popular Thunderbird, yet it has been optimized and improved to ensure increased stability and performance.

It comes with an open source license, which means you can enjoy this user-friendly e-mail client both home and at work, without any restrictions. The GUI resembles the one of Thunderbird, so you should not have any difficulties in getting used to its functions.

Set priority levels for your messages or search within them

In order to better organize your incoming e-mails, you can assign them with relevant priority tags, so you can detect the most urgent ones with a single glance over the main window of FossaMail.

Furthermore, you can also look for certain keywords and key-expressions within your messages with a single click - you can filter the results by sender or recipient name, subject or body contents.

An intuitive e-mail client with support for chat and news feeds

In addition to managing your incoming and outgoing e-mails, you can also rely on FossaMail for chatting with your friends. You first need to set up the account, by entering your credentials, then go ahead and send messages to your Facebook Chat, XMPP, Twitter, IRC or Google Talk contacts.

You can also use the application as a RSS reader, since you can easily add or import feeds, so you can track your most favorite news sources from the Internet.

All in all, FossaMail can be of great use to all those looking for a fast, intuitive and feature-packed solution for managing email, especially if they are not satisfied with the ones they have previously tested.

FossaMail was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on July 31st, 2015

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