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A fully-featured email client that helps users compose messages and customize them by inserting emoticons, background themes, animated effects and sounds

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IncrediMail 2 is an email client that gives users the possibility to customize messages by embedding Ecards, background themes, animated effects and sounds, as well as create a personalized address book.

Simple-to-handle GUI and a few message editing options

The setup process does not pose any problems and does not last very long. Although the app comes packed with many dedicated parameters the user interface is clean and straightforward.

You can set up your email account and write a new message in an intuitive working environment. IncrediMail 2 allows users to drag and drop the attachments in the primary pane, insert various emoticons, record their voice, add hyperlinks, and pick from a wide range of background images (e.g. cats, colors, days of the week, dogs, flowers) and sounds (e.g. big explosion, deep laugh).

Draw signatures, check your spelling and customize notifications

An important feature is the signature creation which enables you to draw signatures in a dedicated pane and insert icons and text messages. Plus, you can activate the spell checking mode, set priorities, save the messages as drafts or print them, as well as write plain text messages.

You can personalize the notification system when you receive a new email by making the program play sounds or display 3D animated characters.

Manage a contact list, search for items and create backups

When it comes to creating a new address book, you can add a new contact by giving details about email address and name, inserting pictures, and picking icons. Contacts can be organized in multiple groups (popular, favorites, or custom ones), and you can also sort emails by unread items, attachments, images, videos or documents.

IncrediMail 2 comprises a powerful search engine, zooming options, backing up, importing and exporting functions, spam blocker, automatic replies, messages rules, and others.


All in all, IncrediMail 2 proves to be a reliable email client that bundles many useful features, and what sets this program apart from other applications is the wide range of personalization tools and clean layout. It might affect the program’s performance from time to time, the response time is good and our tests did not register any freezes or crashes.

IncrediMail 2 was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on August 1st, 2014
IncrediMail 2 - IncrediMail 2 will provide users with a powerful, easy to use, feature-rich and fun email programIncrediMail 2 - The email context menu will offer a list of options like Reply, Forward, Add Contact or Block / BounceIncrediMail 2 - Users will be able to access options such as Read New Messages, Random Notifier or Select NotifierIncrediMail 2 - screenshot #4IncrediMail 2 - screenshot #5IncrediMail 2 - screenshot #6IncrediMail 2 - screenshot #7IncrediMail 2 - screenshot #8IncrediMail 2 - screenshot #9IncrediMail 2 - screenshot #10IncrediMail 2 - screenshot #11IncrediMail 2 - screenshot #12IncrediMail 2 - screenshot #13IncrediMail 2 - screenshot #14IncrediMail 2 - screenshot #15IncrediMail 2 - screenshot #16IncrediMail 2 - IncrediMail 2.5 Beta comes packing the same application as the previous version did - this time, it's better and fasterIncrediMail 2 - Although the main interface window hasn't changed much, the application is now cleaner than beforeIncrediMail 2 - Users will be able to quickly and easily select a style box from letters, e-cards, animations or even soundsIncrediMail 2 - screenshot #20IncrediMail 2 - screenshot #21IncrediMail 2 - screenshot #22IncrediMail 2 - screenshot #23

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