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Clear-cut e-mail client which helps you manage messages and contacts, while also delivering some fun emoticons and custom notification features

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IncrediMail is a reliable e-mail client designed to allow you to access and manage mail accounts, as well as create and organize your address book efficiently. What sets IncrediMail apart from similar applications is the wide array of message personalization tools that allow you to insert various visual incentives in mails in order to make them more personal.

Entertainment is not all it offers though, as the application provides a plethora of features that aim to efficiently organize your emails into folders, set various message rules, as well as spam filters and cool e-mail notifications.

Support for multiple accounts, POP and IMAP protocols

IncrediMail is able to work with POP and IMAP protocols and can handle multiple accounts at the same time. Adding an account to the management list is achieved via a smart wizard that automatically identifies the settings for your email address.

Furthermore, you can create an identity for each email account (although you can store multiple email addresses in one identity) and switch between them whenever you need to.

Manage contacts, add emoticons and create notifications

All your contacts can be handled effortlessly with the aid of the Address Book feature, which also includes a quick search function.

The coolest feature, however, is the emoticon collection that you can browse and use to spice up email content. The sets includes avatars organized in categories that offer animations depicting animals, greetings, dancers, smiles, and the list goes on.

Another selection of emoticons (although smaller) is offered for the notifier feature; the selected animation will pop up and play a sound each time you receive a new email, making the experience pleasant and fun.

Bottom line

In conclusion, IncrediMail is an efficient piece of software which, in addition to good email management, promises entertainment - a pretty rare feature in this category. On the downside, the software lacks learning filters and e-mail templates for fast replies, which can be a deal breaker for some users.

However, it does not put a strain on the computer’s performance as the amount of resources required is low at all times, and the program did not hang or freeze in our tests.

IncrediMail was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on August 1st, 2014
IncrediMail - The main window of IncrediMail will allow you to preview and to manage all your email messagesIncrediMail - When writing a new message, you will have the possibilty to insert animations and soundsIncrediMail - This is the way IncrediMail will enable you to automatically check the spelling in your messagesIncrediMail - screenshot #4IncrediMail - screenshot #5IncrediMail - screenshot #6IncrediMail - screenshot #7IncrediMail - screenshot #8IncrediMail - screenshot #9IncrediMail - screenshot #10IncrediMail - screenshot #11IncrediMail - screenshot #12IncrediMail - screenshot #13IncrediMail - screenshot #14IncrediMail - screenshot #15IncrediMail - screenshot #16

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