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A simple and efficient email client that aims to keep all the messages you send or receive secure by encrypting them with a 256-bit SSL connection

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SecuriSend is a lightweight and user-friendly software solution functioning as an email client that aims to keep all your messages secure, so no unauthorized individuals can access your private information without your consent.

The program is sufficiently simple to work with. Upon installation, you will be required to register an account within SecuriSend's interface. You can choose any username you want, (provided that it is not already being used by someone else), and you also need to input a login password.

The username you choose will be the one other people who work with SecuriSend will be entering in the recipient field, for when they wish to send you a message. This however means that you cannot send emails to people who do not use this utility, nor will you receive messages sent to you through other services.

You can type in the title and the body of the message, but you do not have the possibility of customizing fonts or other such options. When done, you can press on the 'SEND' button and the message will be encrypted in a 256-bit SSL connection, being stored on SecuriSend's servers until the person you intended it for downloads it on their PC, after which it will be deleted.

The interface of the application is very basic, offering quite a limited number of functions which is to be expected since its main purpose is security. You can only send or receive email messages, as SecuriSend does not even feature a 'Sent' section, nor does it support attachments. It does however allow you input URL links.

To conclude, SecuriSend is an interesting yet very limited email client, whose main aim is to help you protect your message privacy by encrypting all your data so only you can have access to it and no one else.

SecuriSend was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 7th, 2014
SecuriSend - SecuriSend is a simple email client that promises to keep safe all the messages you send and receiveSecuriSend - The application enables you to send messages to other SecuriSend users, simply by typing in their ID

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