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A simple e-mail client that features fast message checking and comes bundled with a calendar, an address book and an event planner




Y.A.M.C.! stands for Yet Another Email Client, an easy to use and attractive email program, that supports multiple mailboxes, email checking, HTML mail and also offers an address book, calendar and more.

It also includes a search function, customizable folders and several import/export options as well as a unique feature that allows you to search Google for any highlighted word in the email body. Additional features include an event planner, filtering options and more.

You can use Y.A.M.C.! to check your mailbox, write messages to your friends, manage contacts and plan meetings or appointments.
Last updated on January 25th, 2014
Y.A.M.C.! - You can read mail messages and browse the mailbox folders from the main window of Y.A.M.C.!Y.A.M.C.! - Y.A.M.C.! enables you to save e-mail messages as EML or TXT files or print them with a single click.Y.A.M.C.! - The Edit menu of the application enables you to mark mails as read or find a specific message.Y.A.M.C.!Y.A.M.C.!Y.A.M.C.!Y.A.M.C.!Y.A.M.C.!Y.A.M.C.!Y.A.M.C.!Y.A.M.C.!Y.A.M.C.!Y.A.M.C.!

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