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A comprehensive application that enables you to quickly create full backups for Microsoft Outlook, as well as extract data from backup files

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ABC Outlook Backup is a simple to use software, capable of creating complete backups for Outlook profiles, including personal folders, contacts, account settings, signatures, templates and preferences. You may save the backup file in a local folder or to a DVD.

Back up for Outlook data

The software is designed to duplicate emails, contacts, signatures, account settings, contacts and preferences, to an AOB backup file. You may save the data to a local folder or automatically send it to CD/DVD.

You may protect the backup file with a password and optionally, add a description to it. The software is also capable of extracting data from backup files, restoring them to their original state. You may perform a full backup for your Outlook profile or select the items you wish to protect.

Backup scheduler

The software features the useful function of scheduling Outlook profiles backup on the specified days, at certain hours. You can schedule the software to perform a custom backup on the specified week days, or every 24 hours. You simply need to select the profile, items, output file name and optionally, enable the password protection.

Additionally, you may set the software to start with Windows, check the output files for errors or burn it to a CD/DVD after the backup is finished. Also, you may set the scheduler to create new files with each backup task, or to continuously overwrite one file.

Moreover, you may type in the name of the backup file every time you create one, or let the software automatically give a title to output documents.


You can use ABC Outlook Backup to create data duplicates, thus protecting sensitive information from being erased or corrupted. The software can save Outlook data and profiles to AOB backup files, in order to preserve their integrity and quality. You may enable password protection for the output file, in order to keep the information private.

ABC Outlook Backup was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 15th, 2015
ABC Outlook Backup - ABC Outlook Backup is a simple to use application capable of duplicating Outlook folders, contacts or account settings.ABC Outlook Backup - The software can perform complete Outlook profile backups, as well as data recovery from .AOB backup files.ABC Outlook Backup - The Log tab displays all the actions that were performed in a particular session, including names, paths, dates and times.ABC Outlook Backup - screenshot #4ABC Outlook Backup - screenshot #5ABC Outlook Backup - screenshot #6ABC Outlook Backup - screenshot #7ABC Outlook Backup - screenshot #8ABC Outlook Backup - screenshot #9ABC Outlook Backup - screenshot #10ABC Outlook Backup - screenshot #11

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