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An easy to use Add-On to the program that millions use to manage their E-Mail every day - Microsoft's Outlook




Ever tried to send an E-Mail to a group of people without disclosing the entire distribution list to all of the recipients?? Sure, you can use "bcc" - but then the E-Mail that your correspondents receive will not appear as it was meant to be addressed to them. Or you can send a bunch of individual E-Mails (which is tedious and time-consuming) -- but then you have all those E-Mails in your "Sent" folder or you have no record of what you sent. How about handling "Opt Outs"? Government regulations and good business practice make "Opt Out" handling a must.

There are plenty of solutions available for those with a big budget and enough volume to support the expense - but what about the small business? Or a membership organization like a church, club, or interest group? That's where AngeliaSend comes in.


Last updated on February 15th, 2009
AngeliaSend - This is the AngeliaSend E-mail Campaign main window where you have to enter the campaign detailsAngeliaSend - Here is the Configuration Options window of the Outlook add-on

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