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This Outlook add-in allows you to send large attachments by using an online storage service instead of attaching them to your emails

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Cloud Connect for Outlook is a practical tool for all the Webstorage users who need to send large attachments via Microsoft Outlook. It is designed for both professionals and home users who need to share large files such as videos, reports or presentations.

Attaching large files to email messages can take a lot of bandwidth and slow down the connection for both the message sender and receiver. In some cases, the server limitations can even prevent you from sending the message which can disrupt your workflow.

This add-in allows you to use your cloud storage account to host the files that you need to share and only send a download link to your colleagues or friends. This enables you to significantly reduce the size of the email but still allows the receiver to view the item with a few clicks.

In order to use the add-in you need to enter the Asus Webstorage account credentials and set the size limit for your attachments. By default, Cloud Connect uploads the files to your account when they exceed the specified size.

However, you can configure the app to display a popup message each time you send an email that includes attachments. Besides confirming the upload, the popup allows you to protect the download link with a password in order to restrict the access to authorized users.

All the shared attachments are uploaded in a dedicated folder and organized in subfolders according with the email title. If you want to save space, you can specify an expiration date for each download in order to automatically remove the item from your account.

The received message includes the original text and a label with the download links, file size and expiration date. While your colleagues still need to download the file to their computer, this method does not increase the size of your inbox and allows them to choose when to retrieve the shared items.

If sending links instead of attachments is a viable alternative to your activity, the Cloud Connect for Outlook is an useful tool which requires insignificant resources.

Cloud Connect for Outlook was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on January 3rd, 2014
Cloud Connect for Outlook - Cloud Connect for Outlook allows you to connect the application to your Asus account.Cloud Connect for Outlook - The add-in can be configured to automatically use the cloud storage for all files or only the ones that exceed a certain size.Cloud Connect for Outlook - screenshot #3Cloud Connect for Outlook - Before sending the email you can choose to use the CloudConnect account and protect the file with a password.

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