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An efficient tool to synchronize contacts between Outlook and Gmail with almost no effort on your behalf in a simple and fast way

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Contacts Sync is a lightweight software solution designed to help you synchronize all your contacts between Outlook and your Gmail account.

The application displays a user-friendly interface and enables you to easily access all its functions without wasting any time. Besides this, the entire process of transferring the contacts from Outlook to Gmail and the other way around is as simple as can be.

You merely provide the app with Gmail profile information such as username and password, select the Outlook contacts folder you want to sync with, choose the transfer direction and then just click the ‘Synchronize’ button. It’s all very straightforward, comprehensive and leaves very little room for error.

Contacts Sync can also be used as a simple means of recovering contacts from one account and copying them to the other. With it, it’s easy to retrieve information such as notes, webpage, job title, name, email, company name, business and much more.

Moreover, the application comes with an auto synchronization feature which allows you to use it as a backup tool as well. You get to set the number of minutes in which Contacts Sync performs an auto sync and this way your contacts are updated.

Contacts Sync is designed to be able to support multiple sync profiles in case you need to transfer from them. Taking advantage of this means that you can synchronize your accounts to one place without having to worry about overwriting information or contact conflicts. The application enables you to choose which one of the accounts is the master one.

While it is active, Contacts Sync can be run in the background and is capable of displaying notifications when a synchronization occurs.

To sum things up, if you’re looking for a simple and practical means of transferring contacts between Outlook and Gmail, then you can certainly try Contacts Sync.

Contacts Sync was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on February 3rd, 2014
Contacts Sync - You can use the configuration tab to set your Gmail credentials and select the folders you want to synchronize.Contacts Sync - You can set the proxy host / port and input the username from the Proxy Settings tab.

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