Email Forwarding System (formerly EFS Standard)

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A software utility dedicated to forwarding email from your POP3 mailbox to a local SMTP server, which allows you to use a personal domain to receive messages

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Email messages are vital when it comes to keeping yourself connected with friends, colleagues, or even newsletters from various websites around the Internet. In most cases, these mail addresses are handled by a third party server, which enables you to receive the messages to your personal inbox and connect the account to the preferred email client.

Forward email to your personal domain

Email Forwarding System is a software solution designed in order to help you forward the received email to a private domain, with a custom address. In essence, you can connect it to the POP3 mailbox of your choosing and redirect the received messages to your own, personal domain. This allows you to get all of your email to the same mailbox, without having to check with the third party service.

To achieve this, you need to enter the server's information, such as POP3 address, port number and your login credentials for the desired account. In addition, a forwarding SMTP server is also required to transfer the messages. As you might expect, in order for the procedure to function, you need to own a private domain, which should be able to receive email as well.

Set up filters and alerts

A successfully configured forwarding system is only the first step, though, when it comes to a fully-functional mailbox. Incoming messages also need to be checked and verified before taking up space in your inbox, as well as properly filtered to avoid any spam or unwanted emails. Hence, the application allows you to set up a pre-check service, which enables you to run certain files before accepting the new message.

After the initial verification, you can perform additional checks and create an alert system to notify you about any errors. Thus, the post-check procedure also allows you to run a specific file after any kind of failure, as well as send out alerts to the desired mailbox whenever POP3 server errors are encountered. In addition, it is possible to modify the maximum number of notifications you receive within an hour.

Fully-featured email forwarding utility

Although it requires a bit of experience regarding POP3 and SMTP servers, Email Forwarding System can help you set up and personalize your new mailbox, by receiving messages from other email addresses. Furthermore, you can also perform schedule checks and define specific rules for the incoming mail, as well as use custom headers.

Email Forwarding System (formerly EFS Standard) was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on July 30th, 2014
Email Forwarding System (formerly EFS Standard) - The POP3 tab allows you to the address of the desired POP3 server, as well as your login credentials.Email Forwarding System (formerly EFS Standard) - You can use a custom STMP server to forward messages, by entering the required information.Email Forwarding System (formerly EFS Standard) - You can add primary and secondary domains to accept mail from, as well as a virtual domain aliases.Email Forwarding System (formerly EFS Standard)Email Forwarding System (formerly EFS Standard)Email Forwarding System (formerly EFS Standard)Email Forwarding System (formerly EFS Standard)Email Forwarding System (formerly EFS Standard)Email Forwarding System (formerly EFS Standard)Email Forwarding System (formerly EFS Standard)Email Forwarding System (formerly EFS Standard)