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A software utility that enables you to send encrypted emails, as well as add attachments and use ZIP archives to compress the documents

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Your emails may often contain sensitive data, which has to travel through multiple servers around the world before it reaches its destination. Along the way, these emails can sometimes be intercepted by cyber criminals, which can then gain access to the information contained by them.

Send encrypted emails

Email Double Encrypter is a software utility designed to provide you with the ability to protect your messages from being read by anyone else, thanks to the text encryption applied on them beforehand. Hence, the application enables you to send secure messages using the preferred mail address and server settings, directly from your own computer.

In order to do that, you first have to set up the server configuration, by entering your address and the SMTP or POP server details to be used for relaying your emails. As you would expect, your password is also required to access the mail service, although it is encrypted by the utility each time it is used to log in.

Attach documents to your messages

In case you need to include files into your emails, the application offers you this function as well, although the attached documents are not encrypted in the process. In addition, you are not limited when it comes to the file format, since you can use any kind of extension you have lying around the computer, including images, text documents and even videos.

As far as the other features bundled with the utility, you can also make use of the speech function, which enables you to hear the contents of the message spoken out loud by the computer. Unfortunately, you cannot make use of the application for the entire duration of the speech, which can cause you headaches if the email in question is longer than a few sentences.

A rudimentary email encrypter

All in all, Email Double Encrypter does come with a fair share of errors and functionality bugs, which might cause you some trouble even during day-to-day use. It is, however, a pretty simple and intuitive tool to have around, thanks to the multitude of additional features bundled together.

Email Double Encrypter was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 24th, 2014
Email Double Encrypter - You can write the email and add the desired recipient into the main window of the application.Email Double Encrypter - Once the encryption is applied, the text is transformed into unreadable characters.Email Double Encrypter - The File menu allows you to unzip documents, as well as to import files from your computer.Email Double Encrypter - screenshot #4Email Double Encrypter - screenshot #5

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