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A very simple, but efficient application that you can use to quickly send emails from your Gmail, Yahoo, Live, Hotmail, MSN, Outlook or AOL account

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Neswolf Email Sender is a simplistic approach to email delivery, able to send messages from your account to multiple addresses with support for attachments.

Despite its simplicity, Neswolf Email Sender does carry out the task and quite quickly and efficiently, too. We’ve tested it with various accounts and it didn’t fail to pay the expected results, which is yet another proof of why simple is better.

Neswolf Email Sender relies on a quick installation process and sports a rather rudimentary user interface that is intuitive nonetheless. Users will have no trouble figuring out the usage, as every feature is stated clearly in the GUI.

Efforts are reduced to filling a few fields, such as the sender’s email and password, as well as the addresses of the recipients, the subject and the body. There is support for multiple attachments, which is great.

Neswolf Email Sender is able to handle a variety of email accounts, such as Gmail, Live, MSN, Hotmail, AOL, Outlook and Yahoo and for each of these, it will automatically fetch SMTP / IMAP servers and ports.

If you want to manually configure these preferences, you need to enable the manual mode from the Settings window. This is necessary if you want to send an email from an account that isn’t included in the support list. Also from this section, you can save the login details for later use.

The emails are delivered instantly, regardless of the number of recipients in your list; however, the delivery speed might depend on the size of the attachments, but not decisively.

In conclusion, Neswolf Email Sender accomplishes the job it was built for, despite being simple. If anything, its simplicity is an indicator of ease of use, which recommends it to virtually all audiences in need of a complication-free email deliverer.

EmailSender was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on January 17th, 2014
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