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A lightweight and easy to use application that helps users seamlessly extract attachments from various Outlook-specific EML files

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Email has come a long way, from the simple text messages that you could send to others. Nowadays, you can add all sorts of files, from images to documents.

Emails can be saved on your computer, along with all their attachments. By doing so, you can perform various actions, like opening the file offline and writing it to a CD or other storage device. A saved email usually has the EML extension.

EML files are a little different from their predecessors, the TXT files: EML files can contain ASCII text, as well as hyperlinks and attachments.

Sometimes, when your EML files are damaged or display opening errors, you need a way to safely extract the attachments they contain. Extract Attachments From EML Files Software is a fast and lightweight application that can help you do just that: it extracts all the files contained by a EML document, without actually having to open that email.

Fast batch processing

Extract Attachments From EML Files Software supports email batch processing. You can easily add multiple EML files to be processed at a time. Furthermore, the application can load all EML files found within a selected folder.

All you need to do is specify an output location to where the attachments will be extracted and wait for the application to do its work.

The application's progress bar will display the estimated time until the extraction is complete.

A reliable attachment extractor

Extract Attachments From EML Files Software was developed to provide you with a fast way to grab the files attached to an email document. You do not need to have any email opening software installed, as the application is a standalone program.

With Extract Attachments From EML Files Software, you can safely reuse the attachments contained by EML files for your own purposes.

Extract Attachments From EML Files Software was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on March 10th, 2014
Extract Attachments From EML Files Software - The application allows users to extract attachments from multiple Outlook EML files.