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An intuitive Outlook add-in that automatically creates and sends email messages from your custom templates in response to incoming emails

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E-mail Responder for Outlook is a reliable add-in, capable of composing and sending emails, in reply to newly received messages, when you are away from your desk. The add-in contains multiple message templates, that you can associate with certain statuses from Outlook or Skype.

Set unavailable status

The add-in enables you to select a status that indicates your absence from the desk. Once activated, the statuses Working Elsewhere, Busy, Out Of Office, On Vacation or Meeting trigger different automatical responses to incoming emails. For instance, if you select the Busy status, the software can send a reply to a received message, explaining that you are currently unavailable, but you will return soon.

You may edit or create new templates and associate them with existing or custom statuses. The current status can be selected from amongst those offered by the add-in or you can use the statuses from Outlook and Skype.

Scheduled messages

When activated, the Scheduled status prompts the software to automatically send template emails, at a specific hour, or time interval. Additionally, you may create a template that is triggered by certain conditions, such as the sender address, regardless of your current status. Alternatively, you may block automatic responses to emails containing key words, such as “do not reply” or “automated”.

You may also enable remote access commands or automatic message forwarding, in case you change your address, all emails received on your old account are redirected to your current one.

The add-in also enables you to manage the message templates - statuses associations, as well as create a template, by using the Auto-response Wizard. The message templates may contain any text, signatures or attachments, that can be automatically sent as reply to newly received emails.


E-mail Responder for Outlook is a useful out of office assistant that can automatically reply to emails, forward them to a certain address or schedule message sending. Simply activate one of the available statuses, then let the add-in create and send the emails, according to the preset template. Moreover, you may easily send template messages to multiple contacts in your address book.

E-mail Responder for Outlook was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on June 28th, 2014
E-mail Responder for Outlook - E-mail Responder for Outlook enables you to automatically send template emails, when you cannot write them manually.E-mail Responder for Outlook - The Outlook add-in contains multiple email templates and it can automatically send the proper messages, depending on your status.E-mail Responder for Outlook - You may easily edit the message template or create new ones, and associate them with an existing status or a custom one.E-mail Responder for OutlookE-mail Responder for OutlookE-mail Responder for OutlookE-mail Responder for OutlookE-mail Responder for OutlookE-mail Responder for OutlookE-mail Responder for OutlookE-mail Responder for OutlookE-mail Responder for OutlookE-mail Responder for Outlook

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