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An easy to use application that was designed in order to help all users create backups of any email message stored in their Gmail account

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Verifying and backing up the messages we receive, send or simply keep in an e-mail account is often done and, depending on the preferred service, there are some applications that can help in this respect.

Those who use Google's e-mail service have at their disposal many browser add-ons or standalone programs like GMail Download Gmail Email to your computer. This particular utility is meant to help you backup your correspondence to a local location of your choosing.

The program will need you to enter your credentials in order to log into your account to view the messages and pick the ones you want to keep. With GMail Download Gmail Email to your computer you should be able to recover the e-mails from the Inbox, Drafts, Trash, Starred, Sent Mail, Spam or All Mail folders.

Picking the destination location for the extracted messages, selecting or deselecting e-mails that are loaded from your account seem to be easy tasks, however getting the application to work is something else.

Perhaps due to some modifications made by the service provider GMail Download Gmail Email to your computer is currently unable to get passed the first step, namely that of connecting to the user's e-mail account.

Since at this stage in its development it cannot the properly tested or used, this software solution is of little use if any can be found at all and the recommendation is to try another tool, one that actually functions.

GMail Download Gmail Email to your computer was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on January 15th, 2014
GMail Download Gmail Email to your computer - This is the main window of the application where you need to specify the username and the password for your GMail account.