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A useful plugin especially designed to help Outlook users integrate a handy video call scheduling feature in their preferred e-mail client





Keeping business or personal contacts, meetings and events organized and in sync is a necessity for more and more users these days. For this reason, online tools like Google Apps gain a lot of popularity and the introduction of new features and functions is always welcomed.

Hangouts Plugin for Microsoft Outlook is a lightweight piece of kit that comes to aid those who use this e-mail client as the primary means of getting in touch with people and managing calendar events, tasks and much more.

This particular plugin is made to enhance the functionality of Outlook by adding a neat feature for creating and handling Hangouts. More precisely, it is possible to schedule video calls and thus allow other users to take part in a conference.

What's more, with Hangouts Plugin for Microsoft Outlook installed, one has the possibility to start a new Hangout without scheduling it. The invitations are sent to the selected users via e-mail and they will be able to participate via any web browser they use on their system.

An important mention that has to be made is that in order to be able to join such video calls it is mandatory to have a Google Apps account. However, to use Hangouts Plugin in Microsoft Outlook is possible even for those who do not use Google Apps.

Using the new features is a breeze because Hangouts Plugin for Microsoft Outlook will create a new entry inside the interface of Outlook, with two buttons, one for starting new Hangouts and the other for scheduling them. The scheduled events will be shown inside the Calendar view of Outlook, so users can modify them from there as well.
Last updated on June 21st, 2014
Hangouts Plugin for Microsoft Outlook - Hangouts Plugin for Microsoft Outlook adds its own menu entry which is available from the ribbon menu of Outlook.

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