Mail Merge Toolkit

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A handy and easy to use Microsoft Office add-in designed to improve the default mail merging functions included in Outlook and Word






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Mail Merge Toolkit is powerful add-in for Microsoft Office designed to extend mail merging capabilities in Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher.

The add-in allows users to import database field entries into emails' destination, subject and body fields.

The mail merging with Mail Merge Toolkit is virtually the same as standard merging, but it gives you more opportunities and is more reliable in operation.

It doesn't cause false response of the security system and especially coded to avoid security prompts, there is a possibility to interrupt sending, the number of already sent messages and messages to be sent is shown in the Mail Merge Toolkit information window.
Last updated on February 12th, 2015
Mail Merge Toolkit - Users can complete the emails' various fields automatically by referencing variable names.Mail Merge Toolkit - Variable names that can be used include email or postal addresses, company names or phone numbers.Mail Merge Toolkit - screenshot #3Mail Merge Toolkit - screenshot #4Mail Merge Toolkit - The add-in can easily be accessed from the Mailings tab from the main ribbon of Microsoft Word.

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