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A tool used to generate millions email addresses in minutes to build a consumer mailing list for e-mail marketing and advertising campaigns.

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Whenever you want a campaign to be successful, you spread the message to as many people as possible, because you can’t get to the top by yourself. Inside the virtual space, this is a rather controversial subject, and the basic form of spreading the news is through emails. This is exactly what Millions Email Generator Lite Edition lets you accomplish in an easy manner.

Rich library of templates to use

Like most applications, this one takes you through a setup process as well, so that it can configure all registries it needs for proper functioning. Not a lot of effort is required on your behalf, but you do need to check whether or not your computer is fitted with .NET Framework, because it’s among the requirements.

Right from the start, the application provides an impressive array of templates to work with, in case you don’t really know what to do first. Not a lot of info is provided and templates only represent lists of emails. Corresponding details are not abundant, with the list only showing the name of the template, and the amount of email addresses it contains.

Create and export email lists

If you don’t trust any of the templates put at your disposal, you can go ahead and create your own list of emails. Found under the tools menu, the email extractor brings up a compact window that grabs email addresses it can find from files you provide. Supported documents need to be under formats like TXT, XML, PHP, HTMl, or ASP.

Another thing you find in the tools menu is a validator. Before you go off sending thousands, maybe millions of emails, it’s a good idea to check if they’re still valid or correct. Again, you can load an entire list for validation, or simply write down a few.

Regardless whether you use a built-in template or grab your own emails from files, the only output that can come from the application is another list. Sadly, there’s no option to have your default email application brought up and ready to send multiple emails. What’s more, templates are only various combinations of names and numbers, so if you don’t pay attention, you risk o intrusively invade someone’s inbox.

In conclusion

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Millions Email Generator Lite Edition manages to generate a stunning amount of email addresses with just a few mouse clicks. Sure enough, it helps you spread the message all over the world, but the methods to do so are a bit unethical, since most addresses are surely unknown.

Millions Email Generator Lite Edition was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on July 30th, 2015
Millions Email Generator Lite Edition - The main window of Millions Email Generator Lite Edition allows users to select the email template they want to exportMillions Email Generator Lite Edition - From the Tools menu of the application, users can start the 'File Email Extractor' or the 'Email Validator' componentsMillions Email Generator Lite Edition - The Export Emails window enables users to set the file name and output location where to save all addressesMillions Email Generator Lite Edition - screenshot #4

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