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A smart program that allows you to create and design your own newsletters and send bulk emails in order to promote your business

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The Internet is filled with all sort of tools and applications that you might use in order to help grow your business. One of such software solutions is NewsletterDesigner Pro.

It's a nice application that allows you to create and design your own newsletters, send bulk emails and adjust all sort of settings to meet your preferences. It comes in two languages, English or German.

Lightweight interface with plenty of tools at hand

It launches with a really intuitive interface and some already adjusted settings in the demo version, so you would know what to expect if you're thinking of buying the full version.

Templates are created in the .nld format and can be converted to .msg, .eml, .txt or .html. You can select the default save path for your templates, so you would always know where to find them.

Create and design your newsletter

The Newsletter consists of several Newsblocks and every Newsblock consists on a title, a text, a picture, a link and a text for the link. First you have to configure the header and the footer.

Generally this step occurs only once. You can put this basic layout for all following Newsletters. Header and footer merely have to be created again in case of a new newsletter layout. It is possible to create several templates.

More features and tools

NewsletterDesigner Pro allows you to browse your computer for a picture or add one from inside the application. It has text formatting tools, adjust the headline, change the font, align text to the right or left and pick the font size.

Links can be added to your email. There's the option to adjust fonts, pick the background color, border color and more.

Preview and send emails

You have the option to preview your newsletter and see how it turns out. When you're done simply click the Send button to send it using various email applications.

In conclusion, NewsletterDesigner Pro is a nice and easy-to-use application for creating and designing newsletters, adding pictures, links and saving templates on your device.

NewsletterDesigner Pro was reviewed by Alexandra Vaidos
Last updated on September 29th, 2015
NewsletterDesigner Pro - NewsletterDesigner Pro allows you to design newsletters in an easy way and send them to multiple addresses via email.NewsletterDesigner Pro - You can design a newsletter template and decide what information and images to post and the date of publication.NewsletterDesigner Pro - The program offers the possibility of introducing a header, a footer and a separator, and personalize them with pictures.NewsletterDesigner Pro - screenshot #4NewsletterDesigner Pro - screenshot #5NewsletterDesigner Pro - screenshot #6NewsletterDesigner Pro - screenshot #7

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