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A mailing utility that enables you to send out newsletters and various other kind of mass emails, using your own STMP server and mail account

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Sending out large number of emails nowadays cannot be achieved without an automated utility, especially if you intend on delivering newsletters to hundreds or thousands of contacts at the same time. Hence, you can make use of an utility that enables you to perform the task in a few quick steps, as well as set up multiple sending addresses.

Enter your own email address and STMP server

One Mailer is a software solution that aims to make it easy to send out such newsletters, by allowing you to add your own STMP servers and email address details. In case you do not own your own domain with STMP capabilities, the application also allows you to use other online services, such as Yahoo! or Gmail.

In addition, you can also choose the desired port to connect to, as well as set a maximum mail limit for every day or hour. Thus, it is possible to limit the amount of messages that you are able to send in a given time period, if you need to save bandwidth or avoid spam complaints. In case you have the login details somewhere on your computer, the utility enables you to open and import the server data from an external file.

Manage your contact list and create groups

To send out emails, you require a contact list, which is usually comprised of a large number of addresses, along with various other details about the persons holding them. Thus, it can be difficult to keep track of all this information, as well as find specific records. To help you with this, One Mailer offers you the possibility to store the contacts in a database, which can easily be sorted or queried whenever you need to do so.

Hence, it is very simple to search and find clients by their name, email address, or various other custom fields added by you. In addition, by clicking on one of the aforementioned fields, the entire list is sorted depending on the chosen attribute. As a safety measure, the application allows you to export the entire list to an external text file, as well as import it back if you happen to lose the contacts.

A quick and simple mass emailer

In the end, One Mailer is a handy utility to have around, thanks to its very useful database capabilities and its ability to quickly send out a large number of emails. In addition, the user interface is very intuitive and simple to use, which allows almost anyone to take full advantage of its features.

One Mailer was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 11th, 2014
One Mailer - You can set up the STMP servers and add contacts from the main window of the application.One Mailer - You can add multiple email accounts and set up their daily and hourly sending limit.One Mailer - When adding a new email account, you can enter the STMP server, password and activate the secure connection.One Mailer - screenshot #4One Mailer - screenshot #5One Mailer - screenshot #6One Mailer - screenshot #7One Mailer - screenshot #8One Mailer - screenshot #9

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