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Perfect choice to import email files of EML and MSG formats into Outlook





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Outlook Import Wizard is an easy to use solution for importing EML and MSG files into Outlook.

It is a flexible and effective way for those who want to change their e-mail client to the popular personal information manager from Microsoft. Outlook Import Wizard allows importing messages of EML format including attached files, which means that no important data will be lost.

To exclude the duplicate messages, the import module creates a new subfolder for each importing session with the timestamp, protecting previous session messages from being accidentally overwritten. So it is allowed to import the same structure second time and reorganize messages betwean both structures.

However, the effectiveness of the app is not limited to changing e-mail clients. It will also be here for you if you want to transfer your EML of MSG files data to another computer or to import e-mails supported backup to MS Outlook. Outlook Import Wizard allows preserving original folder structure while importing e-mails, and supports Unicode, which ensures that message data will remain unchanged even the send, received dates. The program supports importing archived e-mail messages stored other programs.

Due to its high performance, Outlook Import Wizard is a perfect choice if you want to import a large number of files. Also, it allows importing separate .EML and .MSG files to the newly created or selected Outlook Folder, providing an easy way to browse and choose files to be moved to Outlook Personal Folder (PST).
Last updated on February 4th, 2014
Outlook Import Wizard - This is the main window of Outlook Import Wizard where you need to specify the source folderOutlook Import Wizard - This is how Outlook Import Wizard will display all the detected MSG files allowing you to choose the ones you want to importOutlook Import Wizard - Outlook Import Wizard will require you to select a preset and configure the attachments behaviorOutlook Import Wizard

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