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A handy and easy to use Microsoft Outlook plugin that helps you instantly send emails to any of your contacts, with or without attachments

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Sending emails with Outlook is a simple process, but it can be further improved with specialized add-ins that can automate it. One such plugin is Outlook Reply Plus, and it allows you to send emails to all your contacts on the fly, while offering you several extra functions, such as the option to deliver emails without adding attachments or body content.

In order to properly function without errors, the application requires .Net Framework and Microsoft Outlook installed and running on your computer.

Helpful Outlook plugin for email delivery

The program can help you automate the process of sending emails or replying to your contacts, by providing you with a convenient way of delivering emails without having to insert attachments or body content. This way, you can reply with a new message, whilst keeping all the contacts and subject of the email in place.

Aside from this, you can keep all the contents of an email, except the attachments, then forward them to any of your contacts. By doing so, you can reduce the time it would take to send an email, as those that contain an attachment take significantly more time to upload and deliver.

Dependable email sending tool

With the help of Outlook Reply Plus, you can easily reply to the emails of one or multiple contacts whilst removing the attachment or body content that the original email had.

This gives you the chance to quickly respond to your contacts, without having to fill in their information again in the designated fields.

A handy and intuitive email reply utility

To sum it up, Outlook Reply Plus helps you automate the process of replying to emails, by allowing you to easily resend a message to one or several of your contacts at once without including the original body or attachments.

Outlook Reply Plus was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on September 30th, 2014
Outlook Reply Plus - Outlook Reply Plus is a plugin for Microsoft Outlook that allows you to instantly send emails to your contacts.

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