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A simple and intuitive Outlook addin whose main purpose is to assist you in tagging and categorizing your messages, so you can find them more easily

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SimplyTag is a user-friendly and effective piece of software developed as an Outlook addin that can help you organize your email messages into neatly defined categories, so you can instantly find the items you need, without having to rummage through your entire archive.

Ribbon-integrated tool

Subsequent to a fairly brief installation process, with no mentionable events, the utility integrates itself into the ‘Home’ tab of the email client, allowing you to access it with just a few clicks.

SimplyTag creates several drop-down menus that let you access the functions of the addin, specifically ‘Tag With’, ‘Search’ and ‘More’, while the dedicated button helps you assign a label to your email with a single click.

Effortlessly organize emails into user-defined categories and tags

For starters, you will need to configure your categories, so you can begin allocating items to them. To this purpose, you can resort to the ‘Manage Categories’ window, that will help you create the tags you want to use and add the action you want to it execute, when assigning it to an item. The most relevant of these will become the one-click tagging button.

With the ’Search’ function, you can easily locate your messages based on an existing tag, an email address or other similar keywords, thus saving you time and effort by locating the items you needs in your records.

From the ‘More’ menu, you can work with the ‘Task It’ or the ‘Schedule It’ components, that enable you to create an Outlook task for the current email, and respectively create an appointment or meeting in your calendar; the corresponding entry will be filled in with information from the message.

A useful email sorting instrument

SimplyTag is quite a handy organizing tool can can significantly improve the functionality of Outlook, as it helps you keep your messages tidy and structured, allowing you to always find what you want, without the need to waste time by manually browsing through the contents of your email.

SimplyTag was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on September 18th, 2015
SimplyTag - SimplyTag is an Outlook addin that enables you to manage your email categories more easilySimplyTag - The Tag With menu enables you to select the labels that you want to apply  or clear previously used onesSimplyTag - Using the Search menu, you can look up certain items based on a phrase, an email address or a different tagSimplyTag - screenshot #4SimplyTag - screenshot #5SimplyTag - screenshot #6SimplyTag - screenshot #7SimplyTag - screenshot #8SimplyTag - screenshot #9

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