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A handy tool that can help you automatically click confirmation links in received e-mail messages, saving you a significant amount of time

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Running a submission campaign to increase the visibility of your website is not all about registering the website address with the major search engines and directories, but this is practically your main task. One of its most time consuming operations you have to carry out is confirm your submission via e-mail.

Clicks on all confirmation links

SliQ Email Link Clicker Lite is a simple tool that can save you the time needed to manually click confirmation links you receive via e-mail. It can connect to your e-mail account and scan recent messages in order to detect URLs within their content, automatically clicking them.

An application such as this helps you focus on other aspects of your website, such as design, keywords, broken links and so on, without wasting time clicking on dozens of URLs.

Filter URLs to click

Configuring the application is not difficult at all, since all you have to do is complete a form with your e-mail account details. The POP3 server and port number are required, as well as the username and password.

SliQ Email Link Clicker Lite can be instructed to click all the links it finds in e-mails, but you can also set it to filter the URLs it finds by specific criteria, such as important keywords or contained query strings. An exclusion list can also be created for links that you don't want to be clicked.

Furthermore, the application features an option that allows it to delete confirmed e-mails, so you won't have to take care of cleaning your mailbox either.

A handy tool for submission campaigns

SliQ Email Link Clicker Lite comes in handy for clicking links in your mailbox, saving you a significant amount of time. While it could use some improvements (for instance, options to select the mailbox folders to scan), it is a useful tool for your submission campaign.

SliQ Email Link Clicker Lite was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on August 5th, 2014
SliQ Email Link Clicker Lite - You can use SliQ Email Link Clicker Lite to easily click on links within e-mails you receive.SliQ Email Link Clicker Lite - You can configure the application to not click links containing certain keywords.SliQ Email Link Clicker Lite - The application displays statistics about all the links it clicked in a simple window.

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