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With this handy and effective Outlook addin, you can snooze certain email messages in order to clear your Inbox without having to reply to them right away

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SnoozeIt is a lightweight and simple to understand software utility created to work as an Outlook addin, that aims to help you keep your Inbox tidy, by allowing you to postpone replying to certain emails and removing them from the list for a preferred amount of time.

User-friendly appearance

The installation process is quite rapid and once complete, you need to restart the email client, in order to find the addin in the ribbon of Outlook and begin working with it.

The ‘Snooze For’ menu enables you to select the period of time you want to delay sending a response, ranging from as little as 15 minutes to two weeks. Nonetheless, the duration can also be customized to meet your individual needs.

Postpone replying to Outlook messages by temporarily removing them from your Inbox

When you review the emails you have received in your Inbox, it is possible to notice some that are not sufficiently urgent to deal with right away. However, you may not want to mark them as read, as this may cause you to forget about them altogether; leaving them in the Inbox leads to excessive clutter.

An efficient alternative to dealing with less-than-urgent messages and to-do's consists of deferring them for a certain period of time, allowing you to see to more important matters. SnoozeIt is able to free up your Inbox and move emails out of your way for a while, such as half an hour, three days, a week, or a user-defined duration.

The ‘Snoozed’ messages are sent to a dedicated folder in your email client, and when their time is up, the addin brings them to your attention once again, so you can take care of them when it is their turn, without forgetting about their existence.

An intuitive email reply-postponer

In conclusion, SnoozeIt is a useful and reliable addin for Outlook that aims to assist you in prioritizing your emails, by deferring less urgent messages for a later time and temporarily removing them from your Inbox.

SnoozeIt was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on July 23rd, 2015
SnoozeIt - SnoozeIt is an effective Outlook addin that helps you postpone answering messages for a preferred amount of timeSnoozeIt - The snoozed emails are sent to a specific folder and kept there until their time is upSnoozeIt - From the dedicated menu, you can select the amount of time you want to snooze emails forSnoozeIt - screenshot #4SnoozeIt - screenshot #5SnoozeIt - screenshot #6

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