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A lightweight, yet powerful Outlook plugin that allows users to manage and organize all the emails and messages from their inbox

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Microsoft Outlook is one of the more common email managers employed by casual users to stay in touch over the Internet. It features great accessibility options, as well as good stability, but also flexibility due to its support for plugins. One such addon is Text Lightning, an automated text template creator that allows its users to significantly reduce time wasted with recurrent tasks.

Define text templates for use in various messages

Specifically, the addin allows one to define various predefined paragraphs, for generic use; for example, it can be employed to create greeting messages or signatures and all these items can be inserted with a simple mouse click. The addon requires Microsoft Outlook and integrates seamlessly with it; all its functions can be accessed via an on-screen button in the "Message" ribbon.

Creating new templates is a fairly easy task, as one needs only to define the actual text message to be recycled, as well as the corresponding description. More-so, one can add files to the shortcut, which will be included as attachments to email messages.

Use hotkeys to quickly insert text fragments

A notable feature is the ability to define keywords, used by the addin to skim the body of the email. If matches are found, the tool automatically highlights valid entries, thus making it easier for its users to insert text from templates. Hotkeys can also be customized and used to insert specific paragraphs.

Another interesting option is the ability to automatically change the subject of the email message once a template is used and one can also organize all items in folders.

An asset when faced with recurring email text paragraphs

Summing up, Text Lightning is a valuable lightweight plugin for anyone who regularly employs Microsoft Outlook to compose and receive messages. It is especially useful when faced with recurring text fragments such as signatures and greeting messages.

Text Lightning was reviewed by Mircea Saveanu
Last updated on August 1st, 2015
Text Lightning - The application helps you organize and manage the emails from your Outlook inbox.Text Lightning - You can create specific folders that can can be used to organize your emails and messages.Text Lightning - By accessing the File menu, you can backup your emails or optimize the message database.Text Lightning - screenshot #4Text Lightning - screenshot #5Text Lightning - screenshot #6Text Lightning - screenshot #7Text Lightning - screenshot #8Text Lightning - screenshot #9

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