Topalt Attachment Reminder for Outlook

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With this simple and intuitive Outlook addin, you can make sure you never send an email message without the corresponding attachment

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Topalt Attachment Reminder for Outlook is a lightweight and very easy to use piece of software which functions as an addin, alerting you whenever you set out to send a message without having added an aforementioned attachment.

Ribbon-integrated tool

Following a brief and uneventful installation process, you will be able to find the utility in a ‘Topalt Add-ins’ tab, in the ribbon of Microsoft Outlook, for quick access.

It features a button that you can use to enable or disable the popup window displayed by Topalt Attachment Reminder for Outlook, as well as a ‘Settings’ section to allow you to set the trigger words yourself.

Always remember to attach your files to Outlook emails

The tool can prove quite helpful, as everyone has been, at least once, in a situation where you carefully crafted an email, mentioning the presence of an attachment, but out of hurry or forgetfulness, you did not actually attach the file you intended to send. This is usually followed by an apologetic message along with the initial document.

Topalt Attachment Reminder for Outlook aims to spare you from the embarrassment by displaying a popup window informing you of the fact that you have spoken of attaching a file to your message, but never actually did so.

This window is displayed immediately after pressing the ‘Send’ button, temporarily pausing the process and allowing you to decide whether to dispatch the message as is, or return and attach the file.

Topalt Attachment Reminder for Outlook comes with several built-in terms that will cause the popup dialog to be displayed, namely ‘attached’, ‘attachment’ or ‘attaching’, but you also have the option of inputting your own trigger words, whichever you think are most relevant for you. In addition, you can even set a number of attachments that are always to be sent with every email.

Handy Outlook addin to remind you of your attachments

To conclude, Topalt Attachment Reminder for Outlook is an interesting and rather handy tool that aims to prevent you from ever forgetting about attaching your files to the email messages you send through Microsoft Outlook, by alerting you of their absence before sending it.

Topalt Attachment Reminder for Outlook was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on October 12th, 2014
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