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A simple and user-friendly plugin for Microsoft Outlook which enables you to create and work with email templates, which can save you time

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Topalt Email Templates for Outlook is a reliable and effective piece of software functioning as an add-in for the popular email client, its main purpose being to help you build your own message templates, so your replies can be less time-consuming.

Intuitive and straightforward looks

After having installed the plugin, you can launch Microsoft Outlook, and you will be able to discover a dedicated tab, ‘Topalt Add-ins’, where you can activate or deactivate it with a simple mouse click.

The ‘Template’ menu only becomes active in the ‘Compose’ window of the email client, so it will not interfere with your regular work, but it sits within reach.

Create, store and work with Outlook email templates

Emails represent a time-efficient method of exchanging information, not only for individuals but also for companies. However, not all of the messages that are sent and received need to be customized for the situation at hand, so working with ready-made templates can reduce reply-time, as well as ensure that all employees will provide the same answer in a similar situation.

Topalt Email Templates for Outlook enables you to construct a universal response for a number of messages, and resort to them whenever you want to send a reply on a topic you’ve previously discussed.

When composing an email, you can access the ‘Templates’ menu and choose from the items you have saved in the past, or on the contrary, store the current message for future use. All the entries are saved in an eponymous folder in Outlook, so you can have access to it at a moment’s notice.

A lightweight add-in for template creation

To sum it up, Topalt Email Templates for Outlook is a useful and handy plugin which was developed to assist you in responding to your regular messages by making use of ready-made replies, so you do not have to waste time composing a new answer every time.

Topalt Email Templates for Outlook was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on August 4th, 2014
Topalt Email Templates for Outlook - Topalt Email Templates for Outlook is a handy plugin hat enables you to create and store message templatesTopalt Email Templates for Outlook - The add-in creates a folder inside the email client where it stores all the templates you have saved

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