Topalt Emoticons for Outlook

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Use this lightweight and user-friendly Microsoft Outlook add-in to apply smiley faces and emotions to the emails you send to friends and family

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Topalt Emoticons for Outlook is a fun and appealing piece of software designed to function as an add-in for the popular email client, enabling you to insert various icons to express your feelings in the messages you send.

Straightforward and intuitive usage

Subsequent to a brief installation, with no events to speak of, you can launch Microsoft Outlook and you will be able to find the tool in the ‘Topalt Add-ins’ tab, where you can activate or deactivate it with a single button press.

The emoticons menu is only displayed in the ‘Compose’ window, whenever you are writing an email, so you can add the icons unrestricted, yet otherwise not getting in your way.

Insert emoticons in your email messages with a few swift mouse moves

Written text can sometimes prove ineffective in fully transmitting information, due to the lack of inflection and facial gestures associated with a person speaking. This can cause some emails to be misinterpreted or at least not fully understood by their recipient. However, you can improve this situation by adding smiley faces to your messages.

Topalt Emoticons for Outlook features a set of over fifty smiley faces, which are meant to express a wide range of emotions, so you can easily associate them with the message you are trying to convey to friends or family.

To insert an emoticon into the email you are writing, you simply need to place your mouse cursor in the position you want to place it in, then click on the preferred icon from the drop-down menu. The window will automatically refresh and show the smiley face in the chosen location.

A useful add-in to help you personalize your emails

To conclude, Topalt Emoticons for Outlook is a handy and intuitive tool which provides you with numerous emoji icons, allowing you to convey the proper feeling when writing an email message to your close ones.

Topalt Emoticons for Outlook was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on August 1st, 2014
Topalt Emoticons for Outlook - Topalt Emoticons for Outlook enables you to add smiley faces to all your emailsTopalt Emoticons for Outlook - The add-in can be disabled from the email client's ribbon, when you do not want to use it

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