Topalt Reply Reminder for Outlook

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A simple and intuitive utility designed to function as a Microsoft Outlook addin that will warn you whenever you click on the Reply All button

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Topalt Reply Reminder for Outlook is a lightweight and quite useful piece of software whose main purpose is to bring it to your attention if you happen to click on the ‘Reply All’ button in Microsoft Outlook, so you can prevent dispersing sensitive information to everyone in our Inbox.

Ribbon integrated utility

Following the fairly brief and uneventful installation, you will be able to find the tool in the ‘Topalt Add-ins’ tab, as it integrates into your email client’s ribbon.

There, you have the possibility of activating or deactivating the functionality of Topalt Reply Reminder for Outlook with the simple click of your mouse.

Be alerted whenever you are about to ‘Reply All’ recipients

The addin is supposed to stop you from sending a mass-reply to every email address in your Inbox by accident. As such, whenever you happen to press the ‘Reply all’ button, be it intentional or not, Topalt Reply Reminder for Outlook will display a popup dialog informing you of the fact that you are about to answer to all recipients.

The warning window lets you choose whether to continue with your actions or stop before it is too late. This way, you can make sure that no sensitive information can be sent out by mistake, possibly risking various legal consequences. Aside from sparing you from the embarrassment of having emailed everyone then having to apologize for it, it can also reduce the risk of having your clients' or customers' personal information revealed.

A useful Reply All stopper

To conclude, Topalt Reply Reminder for Outlook is an efficient and intuitive addin that can help you prevent an accidental mass-reply that can sometimes happen, particularly when you are less attentive due to the fact that you are in a hurry and wish to complete a task more quickly.

Topalt Reply Reminder for Outlook was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on August 16th, 2014
Topalt Reply Reminder for Outlook - Topalt Reply Reminder for Outlook is a handy addin that integrates into the email client's ribbonTopalt Reply Reminder for Outlook - When you click on the 'Reply All' button, be it by accident or intentional, a warning window will ask you to confirm your action

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