Topalt Send Reminders for Outlook

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A simple and efficient tool functioning as a Microsoft Outlook addin that is able to send you emails about any missed reminders in your Calendar

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Topalt Send Reminders for Outlook is a lightweight and intuitive piece of software developed to help you never forget about an appointment or event in your schedule by sending you emails to a preferred address and informing of you a missed notification.

Ribbon-integrated tool

After installing the application, you are able to find it integrated in Microsoft Outlook’s ribbon, under the ‘Topalt Add-in’ tab.

The utility allows you to activate or deactivate it at will, also featuring a ‘Settings’ section where you can configure the criteria for sending the emails, as well as the recipient’s address.

Remember important meetings or events even when you forget about them

Topalt Send Reminders for Outlook aims to help you keep track of all the alerts you have set in the email client, including the ones you may have overlooked, while you were away from your computer, which can cause you to miss an important meeting or deadline.

The tool lets you set up a specific recipient for the messages, as well as specify the conditions under which the notification email should be sent. As such, Topalt Send Reminders for Outlook can inform you if a reminder has not been dismissed in a user-defined number of minutes, if the item is signaled as having ‘High Priority’ or if it is flagged in your Calendar.

When you have no need for reminders, you can easily deactivate the program from the ’Enable / Disable’ section, by unchecking the corresponding addin’s box, thus preventing it from filling your Inbox with messages you have no use for.

Easily remember when you have missed an event notification in Outlook

To conclude, Topalt Send Reminders for Outlook is a useful and efficient addin for Microsoft Outlook that is supposed to help you remember a missed alert by sending you an email message to inform you of it.

Topalt Send Reminders for Outlook was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on July 28th, 2014
Topalt Send Reminders for Outlook - Topalt Send Reminders for Outlook is a handy addin that is able to send you emails about plans in your Calendar that you have forgottenTopalt Send Reminders for Outlook - From the Settings window, you can set up the recipient address and the conditions for sending the email

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