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Scan search engines for domain names and save them





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URLCollector is a tool designed to scan and search engines like Yahoo or Google for domain names and saves them.

If you keep running the URLCollector long enough, you can find a great part of the domain names stored in the search engines. You can use these URL's for example to generate email addresses using our EmailGenerator.

Settings for search engines are already given. These can however be replaced or supplemented. So you just have to press the start button!
Last updated on September 21st, 2010
URLCollector - URLCollector will help you quickly and easily scan search engines for domain names and save themURLCollector - The Lists tab will provide users with URL / Keyword List Update, Import or Save optionsURLCollector - Users will be able to manage their search engines by adding, deleting, status checking or list exporting / importingURLCollector - You can select the number of Threads, Max keywords list size or Collect all superdomains option from the Settings tab

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