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A powerful and easy to use email utility that allows you to seamlessly organize your mailing lists or edit the HTML code of certain emails

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Each email service provider has its own inbox interface, so picking a good one is difficult, especially if you have more than one email account. A good idea would be to use a software that helps you manage all your email accounts.

AY Mail could offer you the solution. The application allows you to save various recipients and manage all your email accounts.

Intuitive user interface

The program helps you organize all your email accounts, as well as all your contacts. Besides writing and sending messages, you can easily import recipient lists or message texts. In addition, the application features a powerful spellchecker, that can easily detect any errors in your message, allowing you to correct them on the spot.

Furthermore, you can blacklist users that pester you with spam messages, so you will only receive important and relevant messages.

Powerful HTML editor

Besides the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) message tab, AY Mail offers advanced users the possibility to edit and tweak the HTML code of their emails.

This way, you can easily personalize or customize every email you send by adding a subtle change to your message template, such as a custom font or style.

A reliable email manager

AY Mail offers you a diverse package that combines email sending with recipient lists and HTML message editing. You can easily fend off any spam and bulk messages as, the program allows you to blacklist the sources of these emails.

This all-in-one application helps you easily manage all your sent and received messages on every email account that you own, improving your working speed and performance.

AY Mail was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on March 15th, 2014
AY Mail - The application allows you to manage your email account, by creating recipient lists and scheduling email deliveries.AY Mail - The HTML Code tab displays the generated code for any mail that is about to be delivered.AY Mail - By accessing the Recipients tab, you can add or remove certain recipients from your contact list.AY Mail - screenshot #4AY Mail - screenshot #5AY Mail - screenshot #6AY Mail - screenshot #7AY Mail - screenshot #8AY Mail - screenshot #9AY Mail - screenshot #10AY Mail - screenshot #11AY Mail - screenshot #12

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