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This simple and user-friendly application that allows you to send numerous emails to a predefined client list, in just a few button presses

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Emailer4TaxPros is a reliable piece of software developed to provide you with the proper means of sending multiple email messages simultaneously, with the least amount of effort from you.

Straight-forward user interface

The application is fairly simple to understand and handle, offering you a basic and unimpressive-looking interface, that is particularly addressed to those with less experience in working with computer.

Despite its plain appearance, Emailer4TaxPros manages to do its job every time, meaning that you will be able to send the messages you want to all your clients, in just a short amount of time.

Configure and send batch emails

The main window of the program allows you to select the targeted clients' list in CSV format, automatically detecting the email address from the file. Optionally, Emailer4TaxPros enables you to send a common attachment to all your clients, for instance a brochure or a document comprising the latest information about you and your business.

At the same time, Emailer4TaxPros has the ability to print out the same files you send via email, so you can message them by post, thus making sure that everyone gets the necessary information from you.

The 'Email' section of the software lets you input the 'Subject Line' and 'Email Body', after which you can press the 'Start Processing' button to begin sending the messages. The utility will display the current 'Status', informing you on the progress of the operation.

In the 'Setup' window, you can configure the 'SMTP Server', enter the authentication details and the sender's email address. Additionally, you can also activate the scheduler, with the option to set a user-defined delay between different dispatches.

Useful mass emailer

To sum it up, Emailer4TaxPros is handy and user-friendly tool which you can resort to when sending bulk email messages, with the least amount of fuss, ensuring that all your clients are up to speed with the latest news.

Emailer4TaxPros was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on February 24th, 2014
Emailer4TaxPros - The main window of Emailer4TaxPros allows you to input the CSV file containing your client's informationEmailer4TaxPros - From the Setup window, you can configure your email settings and other scheduling preferences

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