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A simple mass mailer based on Microsoft Excel, enabling you to send email messages to several addresses, in HTML or plain text format





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Excel Bulk Mailer is an excel based 'Mass Mailer'. It allows you to send emails for a mailing.

Excel Bulk Mailer can use your Outlook address book or you can add your self email addresses.

You can also send the message as HTML or just plain text, and attach multiple attachments.

There are three options for sending the messages:
· All messages to addresses in the TO list
· All messages to addresses in the BCC list
· All messages send individually
Last updated on July 18th, 2007
Excel Bulk Mailer - With Excel Bulk Mailer you can send e-mail messages to one or more contacts in your address book.Excel Bulk Mailer - You can use the 'Config' speadsheet to configure the sender's email address and other parameters.

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