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4 Mootal eMailer Screenshots:
Mootal eMailer - Mootal eMailer allows you to quickly create a new newsletter project by filling in a few fields.Mootal eMailer - Mootal eMailer's Recipient List tab allows you to manage the list of email recipients quickly and easily.Mootal eMailer - Mootal eMailer's Attached Files tab enables you to manage the list of files that will be attached in the newsletter.Mootal eMailer - Mootal eMailer's SMTP Info tab allows you to setup the SMTP server address and login info.
Mootal eMailer allows you to create newsletter emails quickly and easily and send them to a mailing list.

Here are some key features of "Mootal eMailer":

■ Easy to set up and use
■ Works directly from your Windows PC
■ Compatible with anti-spam laws
■ No monthly fees
■ Works with your existing ISP mail settings or with your own SMTP server
■ Supports an unlimited amount of SMTP servers each with a file parameter.
■ Ability to perform mailings in sections, as it remembers where it last left off and gives you the option to continue from there
■ Provides usage of an external SMTP server for relaying (for the sake of speed).
■ Mail merge capability for the full message personalization
■ Supports embedded images and message attachments
■ Message preview tool.
■ Simple parameter substitution allows you to easily personalize your outgoing message!
■ Full support of HTML and embedded graphics.
■ Full support for external file attachments
■ Mail merge capabilities. For instance, given a certain recipient list containing e-mail, name, address, the software generates a customized e-mail to each recipient.
■ Sends customized emails
■ Supports sending links of pictures, using HTML.
■ Discards invalid recipients from your email source
■ Common functions to manage email lists: import, export, even edit the recipients' records
■ Instant e-mail address validation
■ Powerful Load option for loading large email lists in seconds
■ List Management Utilities such as external file split, and external file merge
■ Global Exclusion File - Automatically removes the e-mail's of those who have expressed the wish not to receive mailings from any list you create
■ Global Exclusion Wild cards - Ensures that both URL and e-mail patterns are excluded from lists
■ Import from external files.
■ Perform merge/purges easily
■ E-mail & URL exclusions through modifiable tables
■ List level and global e-mail uniqueness assurance
■ Exclusion using URL and e-mail exclusion wild cards
■ Supports an unlimited amount of entries only to be limited by your available hard disk space.
■ You can also use the undeliverable file to effectively purge external lists.
■ Discards invalid recipients from your email source.

Last updated on August 25th, 2007

Runs on: Windows All

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