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A complex yet lightweight application meant to provide you with the means of sending newsletters to numerous email addresses at once

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zebNet NewsTurbo is an advanced piece of software aimed to provide you with a reliable method of sending out numerous email messages to a list of subscribers, yet requiring a minimal level of effort from you.

Straight-forward and user-friendly appearance

The tool makes use of a tabbed interface, allowing you to easily move from one section to the other in order to ‘Compose Message’, ‘Send’ emails, view the ‘Scheduled Tasks’, ‘Manage Lists’ of recipients or ‘Export’ distribution lists.

The main window acts as a ‘Dashbord’, enabling you to get an overview of the ‘Total Subscribers’, ‘Total Newsletters’, ‘Total Sent Emails’, as well as other details, such as the number of ‘SMTP Accounts’ or the ‘Blacklisted Email Addresses’.

Create and mass send your company’s newsletter on a predefined schedule

zebNet NewsTurbo helps you write the message you wish to send to your subscribers, or you can import it from an existing file. It supports several different types of ‘Encodings’, including UTF-8, EUC-JP, BIG5 and many others.

The text can be formatted to meet your every need, including font, size, color, alignment, and many other features, while the ‘Spam Check’ component can calculate your score and enables you to adjust your message so it will not be treated as spam by your recipients' email services.

zebNet NewsTurbo allows you to add numerous tasks to the scheduler, executing them on a ‘Daily’, ‘Weekly’ or ‘Monthly’ interval, on certain days of the week and at a preferred hour in the day. Moreover, the program lets you ‘Manage Bounce Backs’ either by deleting the messages on the server after download or by erasing the bounced addresses from the list.

A useful newsletter sender

To summarize, zebNet NewsTurbo is a comprehensive and efficient application aiming to assist you in dispatching your company’s newsletters in a timely fashion, being able to reach an extensive number of subscribers, with little to no effort entailed for you.

zebNet NewsTurbo was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on May 26th, 2014
zebNet NewsTurbo - The main window of zebNet NewsTurbo functions as a dashboard, allowing you to access the components you needzebNet NewsTurbo - The Compose Message tab enables you to input the text you want to transmit and add attachmentszebNet NewsTurbo - From the Save menu, you can export the current message to an EML or HTML format filezebNet NewsTurbo - screenshot #4zebNet NewsTurbo - screenshot #5zebNet NewsTurbo - screenshot #6zebNet NewsTurbo - screenshot #7zebNet NewsTurbo - screenshot #8zebNet NewsTurbo - screenshot #9

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