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A handy and reliable application that helps you easily test the connection and automate any of your local or remote FTP sessions

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Synchronizing your local files with your FTP server requires constant care, as you need to check for file consistency every time you copy files from one place to another. Fortunately, there are certain software solutions, such as Auto Ftp that can help you synchronize your data and by automatically checking FTP connections and files.

Intuitive and seamlessly easy to use data synchronization tool

The application helps you synchronize your local files with the ones on a remote FTP server. By doing so, you can update the files from a server or create backups to your data. Furthermore, you can choose how does the synchronization process takes place, as you can simply copy files from one place to another, or bidirectionally synchronize them.

Additionally, you can use the program to test your connection to a FTP server, by checking if the data you entered is correct.

Reliable and handy FTP connection analyzer and file synchronization program

Auto Ftp can simultaneously monitor each of the servers that you entered, and notice you in case any changes occur. This way, you will be alerted whenever a file’s content is changed, meaning that you can start synchronizing it with the files you already have, for instance.

Thanks to the program’s multi-threading support, you can download or upload files from and to multiple servers in the same time, as each connection is handled in a separate process thread.

A robust and powerful FTP connection monitoring utility

The application can help you setup each FTP connection the way you need, by timing them, or changing the way that they are triggered. In addition, you can use command line arguments to manage the application and the FTP servers that you monitor.

To conclude, Auto Ftp provides you with a stable environment for synchronizing your files with a remote server, using FTP sessions.

Auto Ftp was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on May 31st, 2014
Auto Ftp - Auto Ftp allows you to easily test and automate any FTP upload sessions to your server.Auto Ftp - From the Session window, you can enter the name and local or remote paths of a FTP connection.Auto Ftp - By accessing the Connection tab, you can set up the host, port, username and password of your FTP session.Auto FtpAuto Ftp

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