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Scheduled remote backups, offsite file sync, and mirroring over FTP





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BatchSync FTP is a reliable and high speed tool for automating file synchronization, replication, mirroring and backups over FTP. BatchSync FTP is designed to be run unattended via scheduler, with extensive logging options and email notifications to help with remote monitoring.

The smart SyncDB file tracking technology guarantees that only new and changed files are transferred, making it perfect solution for web site updates, offsite database backups and remote server backups. BatchSync FTP accelerates file transfers with multithreaded transfer engine and on-the-fly file compression.

BatchSync FTP also supports automatic retries, reconnectes, and resumes for error free file transfers. Software is distributed with two separate sync tools: A visual Task Editor-software for sync task editing, previews and testing and a command line tool for automating sync runs via scheduling and batch runs.
Last updated on April 16th, 2014
BatchSync FTP - BatchSync FTP will help you perform scheduled remote backups, offsite file sync, and mirroring overBatchSync FTP - The Sync Task Wizard will provide users with a quick and simple method to create a new backup taskBatchSync FTP - Users will be able to select from Upload files to server or Keep both local and remote files in sync in the second step of the wizardBatchSync FTPBatchSync FTPBatchSync FTPBatchSync FTPBatchSync FTP

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