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This application will allow to connect and download through FTP.

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LeechFTP is an easy to use FTP client with a clean interface and intuitive options to target all types of users.

FTP clients are in most cases advanced applications full of features and configurations options that could scare away users.

LeechFTP on the other hand relies on a very straightforward approach, although there still are some features that could get rookies into trouble.

With the classic multi-panel layout that’s being used by almost all powerful FTP clients on the market, LeechFTP allows users to quickly upload or download to and from a FTP server, with a “quick connect” feature to instantly connect to a server just by inputting the hostname or URL.

Additionally, the application comprises a scheduler as well, thus offering users the possibility to start transfers at a specific time, but also bandwidth limiting to control the speed of each upload and download.

Other than that, LeechFTP is just a regular FTP client that does what it says and remains friendly with hardware resources all the time. It works fine on all Windows versions, although it seems a bit slow on Windows 7 workstations.

A settings menu is also available, with options concerning the appearance, transfers, file types, sounds and connections, so make sure you have a look in here too in order to make sure everything works flawlessly.

All in all, LeechFTP is a lightweight FTP client especially aimed at beginners, offering simple features and a clean interface to provide on the go transfers.

LeechFTP was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on April 27th, 2012
LeechFTP - In its main page, the application displays three  separate windows that contain information about the host and thread.LeechFTP - The built in Search tool will help you track files; you can also take advantage of the search settings available.LeechFTP - In the Option's tab, the user can set the Appearence, Files, Transfers, Sounds, Firewall, Connections. HTTP and File Types options.LeechFTP - The firewall has four settings: Do not use, PASV mode, USER HOST, and USER HOST Plus Login.

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