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This is a comprehensive and effective solution that allows you to connect remote storage (FTP server) as a local hard disk effortlessly

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NetDrive is a straightforward Windows application that allows users to connect remote storage, including FTP servers, as a local drive and access it straight from Windows Explorer.

Extremely useful if you work with remote storage environments on a regular basis, NetDrive is actually pretty easy to use, mostly thanks to a reduced number of configuration options and intuitive features.

It allows users to quickly upload files to a FTP server just by dragging and dropping files in the configured drive, providing excellent transfer speed and superior performance.

While it also allows you to instantly launch video, audio and executable files using your Internet connection, NetDrive boasts what can be very well considered a basic interface, with only a few options displayed in the main window.

You can for instance set up and manage multiple remote storage places, with each entry requiring a site name, IP and URL, port, server type, local drive letter and account information. There are options to automatically login when system starts and thus mount the drive without user input or to auto login every time you launch the app.

NetDrive doesn’t slow down the system, but it needs a pretty fast Internet connection to serve its purpose in the right way. It’s stable and reliable and runs smoothly on all Windows versions.

All things considered, NetDrive is a very interesting piece of software that can be safely installed by all types of users, be they beginners or those more experienced. It also comprises a help manual, so you can always receive assistance in case you can’t figure out how to use the program.

NetDrive was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on September 29th, 2015
NetDrive - NetDrive will help you create a connection to a remote storage (FTP server) as a local hard diskNetDrive - You can set basic details each type you create a new drive such as name, URL address, port number and login informationNetDrive - The Options tab enables you to modify the cache path and launch Windows Explorer each time you connect to a server

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